Universal Peace Plan

Empowering People for Peace

About UPP

The current information technology revolution presents a fascinating opportunity in the annals of civilization. For the first time, goals of peace and social justice no longer need to linger as unfulfilled prophesies. Through the establishment of a “digital democracy”, anyone and everyone can play a significant role in creating the mandate for change.

As the premier online peace engine, Universal Peace Plan presents a new paradigm for how this will occur. It draws strength from the internet’s prodigious capacity to attract, assemble and energize an influential community of individuals, scientists, scholars, innovators, corporate leaders and philanthropists.

A highlight is THE SUMMIT. Exclusively hosted online by UPP, THE SUMMIT invites the broadest possible participation for resolving critical issues. Open to all, it engages thinkers of every stripe in dynamic international chats with leading experts and policy makers. This represents an unprecedented undertaking. But when you consider what’s at stake, there’s scarce reason to decline the challenge.

Recent events bear witness to the power of grassroots mobilization and social networking. Here’s our chance to positively impact the future with a fresh combination of ideas, determination and technology. At last every voice can be heard and every effort can indeed matter at UPP.ORG.

UPP’s Mission

Become the pre-emptive catalyst for advancing non-violent solutions and positive social change.

Declaration of Peace
We, the people, in order to make a better world, hereby proclaim the inalienable rights of every individual to peace, liberty, security, social justice, happiness and co-existence free from fear, deprivation, hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy, environmental threat, discrimination, oppression and persecution.

In upholding these rights, we now and forever share with fellow human beings equal entitlement to them and responsibility for them.

Those who oppose these rights, abuse power, impose hardships, exploit unfair advantage, deny others their fundamental freedoms, discriminate, promote hatred, benefit by corruption, and deny access to justice, act in condemnation of all those vested with them.

WHEREFORE, we pledge our hearts, minds and spirit to sustaining those inherent values that bestow the enduring legacy of peace and freedom to future generations.